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A dark blue lake set in green hills covered in coniferous rainforest.

Nature and Community Connected

Grafton Lake is at the centre of Bowen Island. What used to be five separate properties was gathered together in the 1970s by Art Rennison. Under a proposal now going through the approval process, the lake will be surrounded by the new Art Rennison Nature Preserve, which will be owned by the Municipality, and a community will grow to the east and south of the lake.

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Map of central Bowen Island showing how green spaces on the Eco Reserve and Mount Gardner are connected with large green spaces around the lake, and wildlife corridors through the residential areas.

The Art Rennison Nature Preserve

A park of 245 acres including the entire wetland habitat and large areas of lowland rainforest will be preserved in the Art Rennison Nature Preserve. This protected area will surround Grafton Lake, the source of water for people in and around Snug Cove. Wildlife corridors adjacent to residential areas will preserve open streams and provide a wildlife corridor between Mount Gardner and the Eco Reserve. The new community will be a hub of trails going in every direction.

Map shows Grafton Lake, surrounded by the Art Rennison Nature Preserve, with planned residential areas to the east and south

A comprehensive plan

The land plan shows where elements of the plan will appear. Currently there is no waiting list for housing, but we’ll update this page as soon as there is – possibly in early 2019. There will be a 15% component of affordable long-term rental housing in each phase. The first phase will begin near the water treatment centre site to the northeast. Click to enlarge.

A drawing of the hillside east of the lake. A buffer of forest separates the orchard from the lake, and above the orchard a a handful of houses.
a drawing showing a street of houses from above - there is a very wide free strip between the road and houses.

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